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Welcome to Our Junior High Classrooms

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Room 7 Science

Mrs. Lyndsay Moro

Room 7A Religion

Mrs. Amy Seitz

Room 7B Social Studies

Mr. Doug Devor

Room 8 Math

Mr. Ken Wolford 

Room 8A Spanish

Mrs. Elena Theibert

Room 8B Language Arts

Mrs. Kim Hirsch


Mrs. Susan Dylong


Mrs. Ashley Woodward


JH Homework

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is book-drop and what should junior high students bring in for the snack?

Book-drop occurs at 11:20 - 11:25 and offers junior high students a chance to return to their homeroom to switch out necessary materials and have a light snack. Teachers recommend that book-drop snack should be a light and healthy 'pick me up' such as crackers, cheese, fruits or vegetables.