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Catholic Identity

Since its inception in 1948, the philosophy of Saint Raphael School remains the same at its core, but always open to new insights, discoveries, and directions. As a worshipping community, we recognize our obligation to accept, assimilate and transfer the message of Jesus in the Catholic tradition in loving partnership with the parents of our students. We approach our Catholic education over a nine year period. In that span of time, we foster a strong Catholic identity in all areas of study. We are proud of our strong spiritual foundation, our positive moral development and are blessed to see our students grow into fine young Catholics.

Students have frequent and varied opportunites to experience and express their Catholic faith each and every day.

  • Daily religion classes
  • Daily prayer
  • Sacrament preparation
  • Prayer buddies
  • Pascal Pals 
  • All-school liturgies
  • Praying the Rosary
  • Prayer services
  • Service projects
  • Spiritual Olympics
  • Homeroom retreats
  • Citizen of the Month
  • Faith-based curriculum
  • Confessions
  • Eucharistic devotions
  • Spiritual bouquets
  • Gather in prayer
  • Peace Day
  • Prayer Walk
  • Camp Christopher
  • Jesus Day
  • Jesus as a Child week
  • Students sharing faith with others
  • Student Liturgy Committee